About this site

At Janssen, the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, we believe sharing clinical trial data advances science and medicine and aligns with our long-standing commitment to the doctors, nurses, and patients, mothers, fathers and all others who use our products and services. Janssen supports the registration of clinical trials and disclosure of clinical trial results in external registries, the publication of results in peer-reviewed journals, and the sharing of clinical trial data to support research that will advance our understanding of science and medicine and further public health.

As part of our commitment to the implementation of the joint EFPIA/PhRMA principles for responsible sharing of clinical trial dataresearchers who desire access to data from our clinical trials can make a request on this site. Janssen also publicly discloses information about its clinical trials in external public registries, such as ClinicalTrials.gov. Disclosure includes:

  • Registering all pharmaceutical clinical trials conducted in patients (phase 1b through phase 4) on external registries in accordance with specified requirements.
  • Upon receiving regulatory approval, disclosing clinical trial results of investigational studies in accordance with specific format and timeframe of local laws and regulations.
  • Disclosing company sponsored pharmaceutical clinical trial results of approved products within one year of study completion, in accordance with and within the timeframe of applicable laws and regulations.

To learn more about the process for making a request, click here .


Clinical study data provided through this site do not replace the official labeling of a given drug product, which presents benefits and risks of the product for approved use(s). Before prescribing any product, Healthcare Professionals should consult the current prescribing information approved in their country. Patients seeking information may consult with their health care professional about the product, for which health authority approved written patient information may be available.